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How it works?

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For the first time all companies in Azerbaijan, where you can get cashback - in one application. You don’t need to carry lots of bonus cards anymore. Download Umico and rapidly find and profitably buy what you need at the right moment.

Bonus manats

How to earn?How to spend?

Find company with cashback in the application


During purchase tell the cashier, that you have Umico card


Present your plastic card or the card in the application


Cashback will be credited to your account after the purchase payment

Why do you need bonuses
UMICO bonuses?

Umico bonuses are real money!

Bonuses as gratitude for purchases

Every day we pay for purchases. It is time to get benefit from it. Buy there, where you will be rewarded, and earn bonuses for each purchase with Umico and activity in the application.

Bonuses instead of money

Bonuses can be used for purchases at Umico partners at rate of 1 bonus = 1 AZN. The more bonuses you have, the more new purchases you make, for which you don’t have to spend your money.

Bonuses are more valuable than money

You will get special offers on purchases payment at higher rate (for example, 1 bonus = 2 AZN and etc.) from Umico partners. So, bonuses can be more valuable than money.

Download the mobile application and earn on each purchase!