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Umico — an online platform aiming at increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction

Umico Search & Shop

Umico is a store search engine of goods and services with which customers find where to buy, what to buy and how to buy in a beneficial manner. More information

Umico Loyalty

Umico loyalty program is an opportunity to motivate customers through bonuses equivalent to actual money. More information

Umico Recommendation

Umico product recommendation system allows to inform customers at the right time and place about products, services and promotions partners are offering, matching their needs and interests. More information

Umico Search & Shop

Umico is a full-fledged ecosystem that allows customers to choose goods and services online, places of purchase, and go shopping wherever that is more convenient and beneficial for them.

Umico helps users find out the most useful information before the actual purchase. Those in hurry can choose stores based on location.

Those planning a major purchase - choose partners with the highest cashback. And those relying on the opinions of other customers, can choose companies from the ‘popular’ section.

Umico will inform you if a company or store is working at a particular moment, days and hours of operation, a contact phone number, a website and a link to their social media page.

Partner page

Each partner is represented in the Umico catalogue of companies, in the mobile application and on Umico.az website. Customers can easily check if their preferred company and store are among Umico partners by entering company name in the search bar.

On partner page, potential clients will get the most useful information about the company before purchasing from them:

  • Name of the company
  • Cashback size and the possibility to pay with Umico bonuses
  • Useful Company Information
  • Address and opening hours of each store
  • Location on the map and routes to the points of sale
  • Link to the website and social network pages
  • Photos and videos

Product tags

Searching by tags will allow customers to enter any query into the search bar and find out which companies and stores around them allow for the most profitable purchase.

A partner can attach search tags for their entire product list, in order to always remain in the top of mind of the clients.

Umico Loyalty

Become a member of the first coalition loyalty program, the largest and most innovative in Azerbaijan. Participation in the program will significantly increase the flow of customers, sales efficiency and reduce IT and operating costs for organizing your own loyalty program.

How does Umico Loyalty work?

Customers get benefits with every purchase made through Umico. The more purchases made – the larger the benefits

Buyers become members of Umico

To become a member of Umico, buyers simply download the mobile application with the digital loyalty card in it or receive a physical card from Umico partners with a unique customer ID as barcode

Buyers shop at Umico partners

To make a purchase, buyers must present their physical or digital loyalty cards at the cashier desk. The cashier scans the barcode and receives payment for the purchase in any way convenient for the client - a card of any bank or cash

Buyers get bonuses for every purchase made with Umico

Bonus manats (bonus units of the loyalty program) are accrued for each purchase made with Umico partners. Bonus account balance is updated daily. Program participants can see their bonus account in their mobile applications, on Umico website or find out their accumulated bonuses by phone.

Buyers use bonuses to pay for new purchases

Buyers have the possibility to pay for their purchases with bonus manats. More customer bonuses equal to a great deal of purchases with you ahead. Instead of bonuses, you get real money into the account from the loyalty program company.

Bonus Loyalty Program

Worldwide practice of applying coalition bonus loyalty programs

Up to 35%

of new clients are kept and are encouraged to return

Up to 21%

average check increase with the introduction of loyalty program

Up to 86%

accumulated bonuses are spent with our partners for full or partial payment of goods

Special offers

Unique automated tools based on customer behavior data to stimulate demand for your products and services.

Bonus cashback

Special offer
Valid until 5 September
Get 10% of bonus manats when ordering from the breakfast menu
Baku Cafe, Neftchilar Avenue 153

Allow customers to save up for their dream purchase, as they will be able to spend their bonus manats on purchases they truly want. Discounts are easily forgotten the same day, they do not bind customers to your brand, but having customers realize the opportunity of being able to buy what they want with bonuses will bring them back to you repeatedly.

Bonus payment

Special offer
Valid until 3 September
Buy for just 89 bonus manats
Skechers, Azadlig Avenue 15A/4

The time has come to sell the remains of the collection? Instead of usual discounts, offer to pay for the purchase with bonus manats at a special rate. Thus, you will gain funds accumulated in the loyalty program on your account, significantly increase the number of customers and earn in quantity.

Umico Recommendation

With the introduction of innovative algorithms for collecting, storing and analyzing data and building consumer behavior models based on them, Umico provides access to a set of unique tools to increase sales volumes and efficiency tenfold. All you need is to be a Umico partner and provide customers products for purchase.

Real-time communications

Affiliate marketing

Active promotion of partners through TV, the Internet, outdoor advertising, website and Umico application at the expense of the operating company

Referral program

Motivating clients to attract friends to participate in the program and purchase from partners

Mobile app

Push notifications motivating purchases from partners and recommendations of the closest partners according to user geolocation data

SMS and email marketing

Targeted marketing for partners using the most effective communication channels - SMS, instant messengers and email newsletters

Special offers

Creation and distribution of special offers on behalf of partners based on the analysis of user purchasing behavior

Personal communications

Congratulating customers on significant events for them and their families, conducting surveys and gamification

Technical integration formats

Ways of technical integration


Data exchange at the API level through standardized connectors to the 1C system, use of WEB services, services for exchanging XML or CSV files


Creating SQL queries, obtaining relevant data from partner's accounting system and sending them to the operating company in an agreed way


Umico mobile cash desk is a special application that allows to use your smartphone or tablet to process and complete all cash transactions, including Umico loyalty program operations

POS System

Introduction, with the help of the team and official partners of Umico, of a new accounting / cash system with special conditions provided only for companies collaborating with Umico

Becoming a Umico Partner


Agreement on terms of participation

Agree on % loyalty for customers and sign a simple contract. Integration into the loyalty program at the initial stage is free, there are no entrance or any other incurred fees


IT integration

IT integration with maximum involvement of the Umico team - implementation of an affordable integration solution for any scenario on partner’s side


Launch and maintenance

Loyalty Program Administration with the aid of the operating company – Umico

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