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Umico — an online platform for the increase of loyalty and customer satisfaction

Umico Search & Shop

Umico is a search engine for shops, products and services, through which customers can find where to buy, what to buy and how to buy more profitably. For further details

Umico Loyalty

Umico loyalty program is an opportunity ability to motivate customers with the help of bonuses equivalent to real money. For further details

Umico Recommendation

Umico product recommendation system provides you the opportunity to inform customers about products, services and promotions of partners that meet their needs and interests at the right time in the right place. For further details

Umico Search & Shop

Umico is a complete ecosystem that provides customers the opportunity to choose their place of purchase, goods and services online and go shopping where it is most convenient and profitable for them.

Thanks to Umico, users can learn the most useful information before a purchase

Those in a hurry can choose the nearest company. Those planning on a large purchase can choose partners with the maximum cashback. And those who care about the opinion of other buyers will pay attention to the popular companies.

Umico will tell you whether a company or a shop works at a specific moment, companies working days and hours, contact phone number, web site and link to the company’s social network profiles.

Partner’s page

Every partner is represented in the Umico catalog of companies, on the mobile application as well as the Umico.az website. Thanks to the search by company name, customers can easily check whether their favorite companies and stores are among Umico partners.

On the partner page, your potential buyers will learn the most useful information about you before a purchase:

  • Company name
  • Cashback amount and ability to pay via Umico bonuses
  • Useful information about the company
  • Addresses and opening hours of each point of sale
  • Location on the city map and routes to your points of sale
  • Link to the web site and company’s social networks profiles
  • Photo and video

Product tags

Thanks to the tag-based search, customers will be able to enter any query into the search box and find out what companies and shops they can make the most profitable purchase at and which one is closest to them.

A partner can link search tags of his entire assortment to his company in order to always be in the customer’s spotlight.

Umico Loyalty

Become a member of the first coalition loyalty program, the most ambitious and innovative one in Azerbaijan. Participation in the program will significantly increase the flow of customers, the efficiency of sales and save on IT and operating costs for organizing your own loyalty program.

How does Umico Loyalty work?

With Umico, every purchase benefits the customer. More purchases - more benefits

Customer becomes an Umico member

In order to become a Umico member, just download the mobile application, where you will immediately see an electronic loyalty card, or receive a plastic card from Umico partners with a unique customer ID in the form of a bar code

Customer shops at Umico partners

To make a purchase, it is enough just to provide your plastic or electronic loyalty card in the application to the cashier. The cashier scans the bar code on the loyalty card and accepts payment for the purchase in any way convenient for the customer – any bank card or in cash

Customers receive bonuses for every Umico purchase

Bonus manats (loyalty program bonus units) are charged for each purchase at Umico partners. The bonus account balance is updated daily. Program members can see their bonus amount in the mobile application or on the Umico web site, or find out the number of accumulated bonuses by phone

Customers pay for new purchases with bonuses

Customers come back to you for new purchases and pay for them with accumulated bonus manats. More customer bonuses mean more purchases. Instead of bonuses, you get real money from the program operator

Bonus loyalty program

Worldwide practice of coalitional loyalty bonus programs

Up to 35%

of new customers can be won over and made permanent

Up to 21%

of the average amount spent is increased when bonus loyalty is introduced

Up to 86%

of accumulated bonuses are spent on the partner network for full or partial payment of goods

Special offers

Unique automated bonus mechanics based on customer conduct data to stimulate demand for your products and services.

Bonus Cashback

Special offer
Valid until 5 September
Get 10% of bonus manats when ordering from the breakfast menu
Baku Cafe, Neftchilar Avenue 153

Let the customers save up for a dream, because they will be able to spend the bonus manats they have received for a purchase on what they really want. The discount will be forgotten on the day of the purchase, it will not tie customers to your brand, but the opportunity to realize a dream will bring customers back to you again and again

Bonus payment

Special offer
Valid until 3 September
Buy for just 89 bonus manats
Skechers, Azadlig Avenue 15A/4

Is it the time to sell off the remains of a collection? Instead of an ordinary discount, offer your customers the opportunity to pay for a purchase with bonus manats at a special rate. You will thus accumulate the funds saved up in the loyalty program into your account, significantly increase the number of your customers and earn on volume

Umico Recommendation

Thanks to the introduction of innovative algorithms for data collection, storage and analysis, and building models of consumer behavior on their basis, Umico provides access to a set of unique tools to increase sales volume and efficiency dozens of times. All you need is to partner up with Umico and provide products for sale.

Communications in real time

Partner marketing

Active promotion of partners on TV, on the Internet, in outdoor advertising, on the web site and in the Umico application at the expense of the operating company

Referral program

Motivate Umico users to attract friends to participate in the program and purchase from partners

Mobile application

Push-messages stimulating purchases from partners, and recommendations of the closest partners according to the user location data

SMS and Email-marketing

Targeted marketing in the interests of partners via the most effective communication channels – SMS, instant messengers and Email newsletters

Special offers

Creation and distribution of special offers on behalf of partners based on the customer behavior analysis

Personal communications

Congratulation of customers on important events for them and their families, surveys and gamification

Technical integration formats

We will find a convenient integration solution in any situation.


Data exchange at the API level through standardized connectors to the 1C system, use of Web services, XML or CSV file exchange services


Creating SQL queries, obtaining relevant data from the partner’s accounting system and sending it to the operator company in an agreed manner


UMICO mobile cash register is a special application that allows you to use your smartphone or tablet to process and perform all cash transactions, including those under the Umico loyalty program.

POS System

Introduction of a new accounting / cash system on special conditions provided only for companies participating in Umico with the help of the Umico team and official partners

Become a Umico partner


Coordination of participation conditions

Agree on a loyalty percentage for customers and sign a simple contract. Integration into the loyalty program at the launch stage is free – there are no entry or other fees.


IT integration

IT integration with maximum involvement of the Umico team is the implementation of an affordable integration solution in any scenario on the partner side


Launch and maintenance

Administration of the loyalty program by Umico operator