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Umico mobile application

Umico mobile application – your assistant for smart shopping

Download Umico to quick find and buy what you need at the right time. Convenient search for companies and products, cashback up to 30% and personal special offers.

Full catalog of companies and stores

All Azerbaijan companies and stores, where you can get cashback, now in one application. Start any shopping with Umico.

The best route for shopping

Find companies and stores by category and filters, build routes, find out the working time and other useful information before you buy.

Cashback bonuses for all purchases

Earn from each purchase from products to building materials and get bonuses for activity in the application. One bonus is equal to one manat, and sometimes more.

Any purchases for bonuses

With Umico, you can spend accumulated bonuses where you need. Pay for any purchases or services with bonus manats, as usual money.

Free at App Store and Google Play